What Are The Top Work Trends Podcast Of 2022?

Today we have a lot of information at our fingertips because of podcasts. Most importantly, work trend podcasts are helping many people in the professional field. The Work Trends podcast is a boon for people who like to learn new things about work trends. Plus, it is going to change how people are going to respond to work-related issues. 

You can make your everyday task of commuting to work enjoyable by listening to the Work Trends podcast. Also, the podcasts cover every kind of topic in fewer time frames. Instead of looking at the screen for many hours, listening to podcasts will not tire your eyes. So it is a great experience you can enjoy every day. Here you can look at the best work trends podcast of 2022. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Work Trends Podcast? 

What are the benefits of the Work Trends podcast? Like you, many experts have this question in their minds. Because of their growing popularity, high-quality podcasts are unlimited. 

They also conveniently suit people’s lifestyles as five-minute to hour podcasts are available. Plus, it has helped people become more productive employees, savvier entrepreneurs, and talented individuals. Therefore podcasts are beneficial in our lives today. 

Top Work Trends Podcasts  

The Future Of Work Podcast With Jacob Morgan 

Jacob Morgan is the bestselling author, speaker, and futurist. He will help in getting practical about the future of work in his podcast. Also, he helps leaders worldwide how to create organizations offering a comfortable work environment. Also, he mainly focuses on three areas – work leadership, employee experience, and the future of work. Similarly, this best work trends podcast can teach you about many work-related matters. 

Jacob also interviews some of the world’s top leaders, educators, and authors. He asks important questions to know answers that work. 

Further, some of the essential topics he talks about are Training Others on What Your Boundaries Are, Focusing on Technology Your Teams Need, and more. In the end, you can also learn about the Future of Life podcast. 

Microsoft Podcast

Many podcasts from Microsoft also talk about work-related matters and the future of work. You can find topics describing the technologies and industries becoming future business trends. The podcast host is Cristina Quinn, a science and technology reporter. Also, she dives into everything from Minecraft to cyber warfare. 

As a working professional, you can wait for the future, or you can engage in making yourselves ready for it. So have a look at this podcast from Microsoft Story Labs. These podcasts from Microsoft Work Lab are highly engaging. It will prepare you beforehand for future business trends. So you will feel in touch. 

Create Magic At Work Podcast with Amy Lynn Durham 

Create Magic at Work podcast equips senior leaders with the top business tools. These are the tools they need to become true servant leaders. Plus, they will know how to improve employee engagement. So with its help, you can keep your employees interested in working for a long time. 

Anna Lynn Durham is the host of the podcast. You can join her to talk with many doctors, professionals, and former sports personalities. In one of the episodes, she talks with NFL Athlete Marques Ogden. She handles the topic – “Why Putting Your Ego Aside Can Transform Your Life.” In this episode, you can learn how to keep your ego under control for a thriving work environment. 

Like this, you can listen to professionals who will share their insights on several aspects of work. So it is highly beneficial for you if you are trying to run an organization. 

The Bottom Line 

The Bottom Line is one of the best work trends podcasts hosted by Evan Davis. He has many business conversations with people at the top and offers insight into what matters. The host talks about Business and Energy as the prices have started to soar. 

Energy is essential for everything from heating offices to transportation to manufacturing. So they talk about how energy prices will affect these sectors. 

Davis also talks with a few guests to discuss the current energy crisis. Some of the guests’ appearances are Michael Lewis, Eon Energy, Tina McKenzie, the Federation of Small Businesses, and more. 

Forward Thinking 

With hosts Michael Chui and Janet Bush, you can learn about the groundbreaking changes in the world. Also, know about the response of people and organizations to meet the demands.

You can hear the words of theorists, innovators, and business leaders on various topics. Know about global trends like technology, artificial intelligence, globalization, urbanization, etc. So you can be ready after learning about the newest trends. 

One of the episodes available in it is “Forward Thinking on the Growing Role of Business in the Net-zero Transition” with Claire O’Neill. 

Similarly, there are many great episodes in the Forward Thinking podcast which you can listen to. It is one of the best work trends podcasts, which will benefit you. 

McKinsey Talks Talent

In this work trends podcast, McKinsey talent experts Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger discuss making the most of competitive talents. They also speak about how to handle the fast-changing talent landscape and more. Plus, they discuss how companies can manage fresh and deserving talents. 

Hence, it is a helpful podcast for organizations struggling to use deserving talents properly. The recent episodes discussed topics like “Talent at a turning point: How people analytics can help”. You can also view the popular topic “How should business move forward in 2022 as the pandemic persists?”. 

These are great episodes that will offer you good tips on how to move forward. You can become a great professional in your field with these tips.   


These are the best work trends podcasts of 2022. You can enjoy listening to these work trends podcasts to learn about the new developments in work. Also, know what the best organizations are doing to cope with work-related challenges.

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