What is Social Media Addiction Blogs And Why It Is Problem? 

Do you know that social media addiction is a common problem? So there are many social media addiction blogs. Still, many people have become addicted to social media. Addiction is not only to alcohol and drugs but to social media too. So how can you come out of the addiction? Is there a way? But first, you have to know lots of things about it. So go through these social media addiction blogs. 

You may use Instagram or Facebook more than the set limit. This means you have become addicted to social media. Most of the population affected by social media are the youth. So it has become a severe issue. Continue reading the social media addiction blogs. 

How Common is Social Media Addiction Blog? 

You may wonder – how common is social media addiction. Data shows that over 10% of the US is addicted to social media. But the number can be higher. It is the same as the other kinds of behavioural addictions.

If you let it, social media can change your thinking. One can start to use social media without any time limit. They will get used to scrolling through the posts. It can become a habit. Not everyone who uses social media can develop an addiction. But they are prone to it. So be aware and read the social media addiction blogs. 

Why is Social Media So Addicting? 

Social media is a relaxing way. It sure does look fun and harmless. But slowly, it affects the brain. If you log on to your favourite apps, the brain activates. So the dopamine levels of the brain increase.

These are neurotransmitters that result in pleasure. Your brain will start to relate social media use with happiness and fun. You will begin to reward yourself when using it. Whenever you get likes on social media, you will feel happy. Therefore you will go back to it again and again.

Slowly, you can become a social media addict. The positive feelings are only for some time. But its effects can last a long time. Hence, social media addiction is similar to other habits. Remember to read the social media addiction blogs to know more. 

What are the Effects Of Social Media Addiction?

Effects Of Social Media Addiction 

Using social media once in a while is good enough. But overusing it is harmful. There are some adverse effects of using social media. Have a look at the points below in social media addiction blogs. 

  • You will feel low after looking at the seemingly better lives of others. 
  • You will feel lonely. 
  • This can result in anxiety or depression. 
  • It can lead to social anxiety disorder. 
  • You will experience the fear of missing out (FOMO). 
  • You will not get enough sleep. 
  • Less physical activity. 
  • Ignoring good relationships in life. 
  • Fewer feelings of empathy. 

How to Find Out If You have a Social Media Addiction? 

How common is social media addiction? It has become common nowadays. So it is better to find out now if you have it. There are some things you can know of. Then you can see if you are social media addict or not. 

  • If you need to focus on something other than your schoolwork or office. 
  • You may be spending less time on the hobbies you love. 
  • Can feel restless and irritable. 
  • You will always rely on social media to solve problems. 
  • Feel angry when you cannot use social media. 
  • Thinking about social media when not using it. 
  • Refrain from talking to friends in person. 

How to Solve Social Media Addiction?

Social Media Addiction Blogs

You can learn about social media addiction solutions to beat it. Addiction to social media among youth is a serious issue. So here are some of the ways to recover from it. 

Turn the notifications off

It can be hard to detach yourself from social media. But one way to think less of it is to turn off notifications. You can turn off things that take your time. Also, stop looking at likes. It can lead to anxiety, so beware. The affections on social media do not define you. So snap out of it. 

Keep Your Phone Away

Only when your phone is near will you see it. So when sleeping or reading, you can keep your phone away. Many people scroll through social media at night time. They will only sleep past midnight because of it. To avoid this, stay away from your phone around nighttime. Make a rule and follow it. It must be far from your bed or room. 

Remove Phone Use From The Morning Routine.

Some people have the habit of checking their phones after waking up. You have to avoid this habit too. If you see social media quotes negatively, they can ruin your whole mood. So start your morning fresh with positive thoughts. Do not read the news or see posts. Try to see your phone when you get ready. This is the message social media addiction blogs convey. 

Refrain From Thinking Seriously About Your Social Media Image

You, as a person in real life, are essential. Social media can be overwhelming because it glorifies false stories. It is only superficial. Nothing in it is so severe. People post pictures on social media for fun.

Some people do it to show their life. But we do not know what they are going through in their personal life. They do not display it on social media. So we need to see the problems they are going through. We only see their perfect bodies, houses, cars and life.

Hence spending time on your social media posts could be more productive. These are the essential aspects of social media addiction blogs. 

Digital Detox

Digital Detox

Once a week or month, you can try a digital detox. It does not mean that you should avoid social media. You can switch off everything for a day. Spend time with your family or friends. Create memories that are real. You will cherish it for a lifetime. This is the idea behind social media addiction blogs.


Social media addiction is harmless. It can make your life hard. So set a time and use it. 

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