Samsung One Connect Box Uk: Need To Know

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Samsung One Connect Box Uk

Samsung clearly sees something of the future in the One Connect box, although availability continues to be limited to certain sets.

2021 has seen an evolution in the form factor, with a slimmer profile and updated HDMI 2.1 connections, though the accessory’s full potential won’t be reached until it’s easy. combined with a flat-screen rather than a compatible sound bar or an additional bezel for the Samsung Frame.

That said, no other major TV brand does anything quite like the One Connect box; For now, even Samsung’s amazing progress puts it ahead. 

Samsung One Connect Box Dimensions

There have been a few iterations of the One Connect Box since its inception in 2014, sometimes even in an even smaller ‘Mini’ form for those who want to use fewer inputs.

The 2019/2020 model measures 390 x 130 x 70 mm for 4K TVs, with a slightly larger size of 394 x 177 x 80 mm for 8K TVs.

However, the 2021 ‘Slim’ model is smaller than the two. Samsung tells us the new model measures just 41.2 x 330 x 295mm – 330mm is the longer side, along which are the ports and inputs.

From the images we’ve seen, the new model is noticeably slimmer and shorter, with the curved body and smooth shine of a polished pebble – completely different from the rectangle and sharp corners of the repeating pattern. before. 


That’s a tough question because you can’t buy the One Connect box as a standalone accessory. It comes with select Samsung TV models, which increases the RRP for those respective sets.

For example, the 2020 Q95T first retailed at $2,999 for the 65-inch size – $500 more (about £350 / AU$ 650) than the unboxed Q90T. It’s a huge leap in price and speaks volumes about the premium nature of the box.

Samsung TV with One Connect Box 

The Samsung One Connect Box (OCB) is the first TV to feature Google Assistant built-in. You can control your smart home devices using voice commands.

There’s no need to get out of your seat and walk over to the remote control just speak to it. Just say “OK, Google…” and you’ll be able to do things like turn off the lights or adjust the temperature in your home.

How to Use the Samsung One Connect Box

Once everything is set up, you can use the OCB just like any other router. All you need to do is download the Samsung SmartThings app onto your smartphone or tablet. Then, you go into the settings section and click on the “Add New Network” button. Enter the SSID name that you would like to use and select a password.

Click on “Next”. Samsung one connect box Uk Now, you need to choose whether you want to use the 2.4 GHz band or the 5 GHz band. Make sure that you pick the right band so that you don’t run into interference problems. Don’t forget to save your settings and close the app once you’re done.


#1. Is Samsung One Connect Box Necessary?

Do you need a Samsung One Connect box? In short, no. You don’t need a One Connect box to use a Samsung TV. This device has become popular among Samsung TV owners as it is very useful in keeping cables tidy. 

#2. Are Samsung One Connect Boxes Interchangeable

One Connect boxes are interchangeable with different One Connect boxes from different Samsung TVs. Since all One Connect TVs use equal ports, you could use them interchangeably.

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