What is the Pinterest Age Limit ?

Pinterest launched its ‘Pinterest Age Limit’ feature last week, limiting users under 13 years old from accessing the service. Users have until now been able to access their boards without restriction, but the change is likely to lead to children spending less time browsing the site. For more information read this article.

What is the Pinterest Age Limit ?

Pinterest is a social network where users share pictures that they find interesting. Users are able to “pin” images to their own boards (similar to how you’d pin items on Pinterest). These pins can then be shared publicly or privately. If you want to use Pinterest age limit for your business, you’ll need to create a personal account (as opposed to using your company’s website) and follow these steps to get started:
Once logged in, click on the Create Account button. Then scroll down and select Personal Information. Enter your email address and password. You can leave your username blank if you don’t want to give out your name. Select your Username and Password. Click Save Changes and log in again to start posting.

Is Pinterest safe for kids?

There are many positive aspects about this website. It encourages creativity and individuality while having a fun factor. It keeps young children engaged in learning. However, I think that Pinterest age limit could be dangerous for children under 13 years old. First, there are many adult-oriented topics being posted on the site. If a child sees something inappropriate on the site, he or she could be exposed to things they aren’t ready for. Second, there are many pages that require a password. A password gives the user control over what is seen on the page. Children don’t always know what a password means. Lastly, some parents might not understand how Pinterest works and think that it is a safer alternative to Facebook (a social media site where kids can post things).
Pinterest isn’t necessarily safe for kids; however, it can be quite educational. In my opinion, Pinterest age limit should be monitored closely by parents, especially those who have younger children.

How old do you have to be to have Interest?

Pinterest started out as a social network for people aged 16 and below. This was back in 2006. Because this age group didn’t have access to the internet before then, they had to rely on their friends and family to share pictures of things they liked. This meant you could only follow accounts that people who were close enough knew about – hence the name ‘pinner’. In 2014, Pinterest changed its policy to allow anyone in any country to join. While they still restrict some features to those aged 16 and under (such as the ability to pin) the majority of features are open to everyone.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking website where users create unique collections known as pinboards that they can share with others through their profiles or blog posts. Users can browse these pinboards and “repin” images and videos onto individual boards that they have created.

How to clear Pinterest cache

Pinterest is a social network site where people share images related to their interests. Accordingly, people pin interesting pins from Pinterest to their boards on Pinterest.

Here’s how to delete Pinterest cache (pinboard) files on Windows PC:
Step 1 – Click Start button.
Step 2 – Type CMD in Search box.
Step 3 – Right click on the result page and select Run as administrator.
Step 4 – Delete the pinboard file from C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Pintrest_cache\.
Step 5 – Restart your system.
Step 6 – Open Pinterest again.
Step 7 – Now you have successfully cleared Pintrest cache on your system.

Pinterest Keyword Targeting

Pinterest Keyword Targeting works by looking at the interest keywords people use when they search online. Once you have identified these keywords, you can then work them into your pinterest marketing strategy. You simply need to find out if pinterest likes your niche and where to target their audience. Also, pinterest is a popular site that contains thousands, even millions of images and videos uploaded by users. Similarly, you cannot ignore it as a social network and potential influencer.

Can I Use Pinterest Images on my Website?

Pinterest is a great tool for showcasing images for websites. You can use pinterest age limit images in two ways – either as full-size images or as thumbnails. Also, full-size images allow you to insert them directly into the content area of a website. Thumbnails display smaller versions of your full-sized images and appear at the top right hand corner of a web page.

Pinterest Ads Size

1. How much should my ad show?

Your standard Pinterest ad sizes are 25×25, 50×50, 100×100, 300×250, 500×500, 750×750, 1000×1000, 1500×1500, and 2500×2500. You may only use these sizes at any time. Also, if you wish to use a different size, please contact our Help Center for further assistance.

2. Can I change the size of my ad periodically?

Yes, We allow you to make changes to your ads on a daily basis. Simply log into your account and click the “edit ads” button in the dashboard, and then choose “ad size.” These changes stay active until they expire after 14 days. Moreover, please note that if you want to change the size of your ad permanently, we require a minimum advertising duration of 30 days before we can remove the old ad and replace it with the new (larger) ad. If you have a shorter advertisement period set, we will not allow you to increase the size of your ad.

Pinterest told me to blog

Blogs are online journals that allow writers to share stories, ideas, opinions, etc. Also, with readers who follow specific blogs, often based on pinterest age limit shared interests. Also, a blog consists of posts (updates) published on a fixed schedule, just like on any website. Similarly, blogs were first introduced in the mid 1990s, and today there are millions of active blogs worldwide.


This was all about Pinterest Age Limit. above, we have talked about what is the age limit of Pinterest. Lots of people don’t know it. I hope your all the queries has been answered in this blog. Thanks for reading.

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