Know About The Most Popular Microgreens For Chefs And Their Benefits  

Today chefs are using healthy vegetables known as microgreens. These are the Most Popular Microgreens For Chefs. They taste good and look good too. The growth of microgreens began in California in the 1980s and 1990s.

Now they have become popular in many restaurants and eateries. But why there is a fuss around microgreens. Plus, you may wonder are microgreens healthy? Are they tasty?  Here you can learn about the most popular microgreens in the market. 

You also have to know about the best-tasting microgreens. They are a chef’s kiss for any food. This is because chefs use microgreens to heighten the flavor. They also make any dish look upscale. This is the reason why microgreens are popular. Read about the most popular Microgreens For Chefs to know more about them. 

What are Microgreens?

Most Popular Microgreens For Chefs

Microgreens are young seedlings of vegetables and herbs. They are harvested and ready to eat in less time. It takes vegetables and herbs months to grow.

But microgreens are ready ten days after harvest. Further, the cotyledon a part of the embryo develops in the seed. It grows leaves and looks like small veggies and herbs. 

Most importantly, these grow only a few inches. Also, it is available in over fifty to sixty varieties. But microgreens are expensive. Chefs use it to create amazing dishes in five-star restaurants. They are available in boutique grocery stores for high costs. 

After the harvest fresh soil, seed and a clean container are necessary. It will help in the repetition of the growing process.

But now many people are growing microgreens in their homes. They now understand the health benefits of microgreens. Hence most popular microgreens for chefs are now popular everywhere. 

What Are The Benefits Of Microgreens?

Most Popular Microgreens For Chefs 

The most popular microgreens for chefs come with a lot of benefits. As these are small they are full of flavor. More benefits than full-grown veggies and herbs. Further, experts say that it contains lots of health benefits too.

They have six times more nutrients. For instance, red cabbage microgreens have a high amount of vitamins E and C. Similarly microgreens like amaranth and cilantro also have lots of nutrients. 

What are the Most Popular Microgreens For Chefs? 

Do you know what the best-selling microgreens are right now? There are many. Plus, some of them are cilantro, arugula, and broccoli.

Also, these are easy to produce too. Others in this category are sunflower, pea, basil, broccoli, and cabbage. These are also the most popular microgreens for chefs

The most common microgreens are radish microgreens, Basil, Broccoli, Arugula, and more. Do you know what quick-growing microgreens are?

Also, these are cabbage, kohlrabi, and Arugula. Many others are also available on the list. Have a look at the best microgreens to grow. 

1. Arugula 

If you like pepper flavor Arugula microgreens are the best choice. They are best for salads, eggs, and sandwiches. Plus, they are one of the quick-growing microgreens. They germinate in two days and grow in ten days. Also, they offer nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and iron. 

2. Broccoli 

Broccoli microgreens are also one of the best options. They help with malnutrition. Also, they grow quickly. 

3. Beets 

They take longer to grow than others. But their flavor is the best. They come in vivid red colors so best for garnishing. Also, you can add it to salads. Soak the seeds in cold water for eight hours. Later sow them in a thick layer in the soil. 

4. Collards 

The collards have a very strong taste. These grow quickly too. Also, you can add them to salads and sandwiches. 

5. Kale 

Kale tastes like leaf lettuce. These are extra healthy too. Further, you can store them for a long time. But keep them dry. 

6. Peas 

These microgreens are best grown in containers. They tend to regrow after harvest. No need to replant them. Plus, they contain high amounts of folic acid. It is great for young women. 

7. Radish 

These microgreens are fast-growing. Also ready to harvest in six days. They taste great too. Also, they have a crispy flavor. 

8. Sunflower 

These are some of the most popular microgreens. They are rich in protein and vitamin B. Use seeds from the black oil variety for rich flavor. 

These are the most popular microgreens for chefs. They help to create delicious and healthy dishes. 

How to Grow Microgreens? 

Growing microgreens is a process. You have to pre-soak the seeds in water. The time of soaking depends on the size of the seeds. For instance, large seeds like kale and pea may need to soak for some time.

The soaking time for medium-size seeds like arugula, basil, and mustard can change. Some of the small-sized seeds are oregano, thyme, mint, tarragon, and sage. These are also the most popular microgreens for chefs. So you have to know how to soak the different-sized seeds. 

1. Grow microgreens outdoors 

After selecting the seeds for growing, it is time to plant. When growing it outside, first break up the existing soil. Then smooth it down using a rake. 

Place the seeds ¼ -an inch distance from each other. Press them down gently in the soil. Now cover with ⅛ inch of soil. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle water lightly on it. The soil has to feel like a sponge. The process is complete. 

2. Grow microgreens indoors 

Some of the most popular microgreens for chefs can grow inside too. You can grow them in containers. First of all, fill a small container with an organic potting mix. Plastic, clamshell, or aluminum pie trays can work. 

Most importantly, poke some holes at the bottom for water to drain. Plus, place a damp paper towel underneath it. Now use the same technique to scatter the seeds on the soil. You can also use plastic wraps to promote germination. Place it on the south side of the windowsill. Later, it can get a good amount of sunlight. 

3. Ways to harvest microgreens 

There are best ways to harvest the most popular microgreens for chefs. First, use the right amount of moistened soil. However, there must not be a lot of water. Plus, they have to be ready within 10 days to two weeks. Further, this is the time when true leaves start to sprout. So take scissors and snip the microgreens. To grow more you have to sow new seeds with new soil. 


Microgreens are nature’s bounty. They are tasty and also beneficial for health. Therefore harvest it now. 

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