How To Make Money On TikTok: 6 Easy Way

Have you ever dreamed of paying a lot of money to have fun on your phone all day? Looks like that’s exactly what happens when you figure out how to monetize TikTok. We look at it every day: There are a lot of influencers making millions of dollars every year from their TikTok accounts. Approve the action by tapping Turn on video gifts.( How To Make Money On TikTok)

And it’s no mystery. TikTok has grown incredibly rapidly since its launch in 2016 – it was the first non-Facebook-owned app to hit three billion installs. While monetizing your TikTok account is not an easy task to do, you can absolutely achieve it if you have the heart, the strategy, and the willingness to learn how.

In this article, we will look at 6 ways to start making money on TikTok.

How To Make Money On TikTok: 6 Easy Way

1. Join the TikTok Creator Fund

Users who have built a substantial following may consider monetizing the TikTok Creator Fund. Creator Fund earnings can vary from user to user and are calculated based on factors such as audience size, quality of user engagement, and frequency of your TikTok posts.

A Creator Fund is a great idea if you’ve already established an audience, but it can be very exclusive and doesn’t always guarantee steady payouts. If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of other ways to monetize your account. And even if you’ve joined the Creator Fund, you should still have an extra source of income.

2. Become a TikTok Influencer

You know the saying, “Build it and they’ll come”. This concept also applies to TikTok.

If you create an account with a loyal and engaged audience, you’ll be able to build influencer partnerships with brands around the world that want to connect with your audience. In an influencer marketing agreement, a brand will ask you to promote their product or service in your TikTok video. The most common form of payment is cash or the company’s free items.

For example, Charli D’Amelio, one of the biggest TikTokers, is an influencer for P&G, one of the biggest brands out there. While some people think that it takes millions of followers like Charli to become an influencer, that’s not the case.

Many brands prefer to partner with micro-influencers or influencers with a smaller number of followers. The definition of a micro-influencer can vary depending on who you’re talking to and the size of the market you’re targeting, but is typically between 5,000 and 50,000 followers.

To be a successful influencer, you should have a specific niche or topic or topic for your account and posts. This way, brands will be able to clearly determine if you are a good fit for the products and services they want you to help promote.

3. Publish Sponsored Posts

For smaller triggers, brands can sponsor posts directly on creator profiles. These campaigns let businesses to pay content creators to promote their products in organic postings, much like creator collaborations. Sponsor individual posts or create a series. If it starts to trend, you can boost the post to expand its reach even further.

4. Sell your Products on TikTok (Digital or Physical)

How about selling your own products on TikTok? If you don’t have a physical product to sell, you can think of a digital product idea. The following are some of the top-selling electronic goods. Additionally, while streaming, users can give you presents.

  • Recipe books
  • Relocation guides
  • Travel guides
  • Skincare guides
  • Meal plans
  • Educational materials
  • Workout plans
  • Templates and tools
  • Cheatsheets
  • Challenges (fitness, time management, etc.)
  • Podcasts

Selling digital products is easier when you already have a reputation and your audience trusts you. And the way you gain authority and trust on social media is by pleasing the algorithm with consistent posting frequency to earn engagement chains.

So once you’ve created a product that reflects your expertise: Design an eye-catching landing page and promote it with your TikTok videos. For example, to promote a cookbook, you could create a few free cooking videos that will capture the interest of users.

If you have no previous experience of selling products online, you must be wondering how to manage your digital assets and manage transactions. To avoid the headache of setting up your own online store, it’s best to place your digital products on a marketplace like Podia or SendOwl. With an out-of-the-box sales solution, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your website and managing online payments.

5. Live Gifts and Donations

If you like live streaming, there is another way to make money on TikTok for you. Receive donations while going live on TikTok. The app has a feature for this account monetization method.

You can receive donations when you go live on TikTok. If you have 1,000 or more subscribers, you can go live in the app. Additionally, you can get gifts from other users while streaming. These gifts can be exchanged for diamonds. And diamonds can be exchanged for real money.

If you don’t have 1,000 followers, you can also make money by going live to your TikTok audience. But it takes a little more effort. Select a third-party streaming service and invite your TikTok followers there. Announce your live broadcast in video. Add live streaming info to your link in your profile page so users can find you on the platform and arrive on time. Also add a donate button on this page to earn money on live stream.

Once you have a hundred followers, you need to set up a direct gift to earn money when you go live on TikTok. See how to configure monetization for this account.

How to set up TikTok Live Gifts

You must first accept presents on your account if you want to earn money hosting TikTok live videos:

  • On your TikTok profile page, tap the three lines.
  • Tap Creator tools.
  • Then go to Gifts.
  • Tap the button next to Video gifts to make it active.
  • By selecting Turn on video gifts, you can approve the activity.

How to withdraw money from TikTok

Turn donations you earn on TikTok into real money. You can do this when you have at least $100 in your balance. Also, be aware that you can only withdraw up to $1,000 per day.

The money you earn on TikTok can be transferred to your PayPal account. This is the way:

  1. On your TikTok profile page, tap the three lines.
  2. Tap Settings and privacy.
  3. Go to Balance.
  4. Tap Live Gifts.
  5. If you see that you have money in your account, choose Withdraw.

Then, launch the PayPal website or mobile application. You’ll see that the funds have been added to your account.

6. Become a Creator on Patreon and Earn Money from Subscriptions

One of the top venues for producers trying to monetize their content is Patreon. We’ve covered fundraising through crowdfunding sites before, but Patreon is completely different from other platforms.

You can turn to Patreon to provide exclusive content to your TikTok fans for the price of a subscription. It’s not only a way to raise funds, but it’s also a powerful method for building relationships with your audience.

What Incentives do you have for your TikTok Patrons on Patreon? a lot of things

  • Access to gated content
  • Early-access videos
  • Member-only live streams
  • Limited-time offers
  • Q&A sessions
  • Personal consultations
  • Deleted or unfinished scenes from your videos
  • Behind-the-scenes material

You can also create different plans and offer tiered pricing to make your subscription accessible to everyone.

Prevent yourself from enticing fans to buy a Patreon subscription without being able to provide them with exclusive content on the platform. If you’re not ready to create quality content outside of TikTok, you can still make money with video tips and giveaways.

What Kind of Income Can You Expect from TikTok?

While you don’t need to have 20 million followers to make money from TikTok, a paid account must have a strong and engaged following.

In terms of strategies like influencer marketing, the amount of money you can earn is often tied to the number of followers you have. It’s no secret that famous accounts can earn tens of thousands of dollars to even a million dollars on a single post.

There are tools that can estimate how much you can earn based on your account statistics. The Influencer Marketing Center’s TikTok Billing Tool is a good one. Check out the popular TikTokker Kody Antle, who rose to fame thanks to his father’s appearance on the viral show Tiger King.

With 28 million followers and an engagement rate of 0.75%, Kody can earn up to $27,800 per post.

If you’re still a micro-influencer, your earnings will be lower.

For instance, Carlos Ayala has 112,900 followers, a 3.07% engagement rate, and makes an estimated $114 every post. Keep in mind that your earnings will fluctuate based on the TikTok monetization strategy you select and how well it is implemented.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money on TikTok

Technically, 1,000 followers is all you need to start earning money on TikTok. However, you will need to find brands that are willing to sponsor your content.

Another way is to interact with your audience in live videos to become a fan favorite and win awards.

TikTok viewers can send presents in various kinds and numbers to their favourite creators to show support. After you receive a gift, it will be converted to diamonds on your TikTok profile. Once you’ve crafted enough diamonds, you can redeem them for cash and withdraw via PayPal or another supported payment service.

The minimum withdrawal limit is $100. On TikTok, Creators have a weekly withdrawal limit of $1,000.

In addition to these two options, you can apply for the TikTok Creator Fund. This is the program that TikTok uses to reward creators who regularly post quality content and create value for their audience.

The following conditions apply to the TikTok Creator Fund:

  • There are at least 10,000 followers on your TikTok account.
  • You have generated at least 100,000 video views in the past 30 days.
  • You are at least 18 years old and live in the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain, or Italy.

The greatest candidates for this choice are creators who have been able to amass a respectable following during the past several months.

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