Essential Things to Check When Hiring an HOA Management Company

Owning a property and joining a homeowner association is a major milestone in financial freedom. However, membership comes with its fair share of challenges. For instance, you will have to deal with the tenants and be on the right side of the law or risk being sued. These problems and others are why you need an HOA management company.

The professionals will handle all the hectic parts of the business, and you will potentially make more money. However, you must get a good firm to reap the benefits. The following are what to check when looking for such a property manager.

License and Accreditation

You must first check if the company is licensed to operate in your location. The license ascertains compliance with the bylaws. In addition, the company must be affiliated with organizations like Community Associations Institute (CAI).

Such organizations assess the management companies and issue certificates of merit like Association Management Specialists (AMS) and Certified Community Managers of Associations (CMCA). By checking those above, you will get reputable companies like hoa management austin, which comply with Texas laws.


The management company’s reputation is also essential when choosing the best one. The reason for this is how sensitive the services these companies render are. For instance, you will need them to collect bills and handle maintenance.

You don’t want a property management company that will collude with service providers like landscapers to overcharge for services or any other similar dishonesty. To find out, you can ask for referrals and inquire from other homeowner association members that the company has worked with.


You will work closely with the HOA management company as a homeowner association member. For that reason, you need a company with which you share the same value. Ensuring that you are on the same page will go a long way in making favorable policies and solving any issue that arises within the community. The difference in values will lead to conflicts between you and the property management company, affecting service delivery.

Customer Service

The company will serve the community members and shouldn’t suffer because of poor services. Therefore, you should check reviews of other community members the company has served. You need an HOA management company that is reachable when the need arises and has experienced customer support ready to answer questions. The company should also have a cordial relationship with the community members.

Location and Availability

Lastly, you need a local HOA management company that can respond promptly to emergencies within the property. Additionally, it’d be best to check the company’s availability to ensure that the community members don’t suffer when there is a problem. Therefore, you should narrow your search and look for local companies using terms like hoa management Austin. The search result will give you companies that are within Texas and can efficiently render the services due to proximity. 

Being a homeowner association member comes with additional responsibilities that can sometimes be problematic. Therefore, you need an HOA management company that will help you run the association’s day-to-day activities. It’d be best to use the information you have read here when hiring a company that will efficiently help you.

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