Heavy Tweeters have stopped tweeting: Know The Reason

Heavy Tweeters users are less active than they once were, and those who frequent the site frequently now have very diverse interests.

Reuters apparently got internal documents that contain this information.

According to the records, a “heavy tweeter” is someone who tweets three to four times per week and logs into the website daily.

Less than 10% of monthly active users make up the valuable but small group of heavy tweeters who account for 90% of all tweets and global revenue.

Heavy tweeters’ activity started to quickly fall throughout the pandemic. As we’ll see later in this piece, activity around themes that were formerly Twitter’s most well-liked categories has significantly decreased.

Heavy Tweeters Leaving, Person Pursuits Altering

Heavy tweeters let their accounts go dormant, while those who maintain activity tend to focus on topics for which Twitter hasn’t traditionally been known.

According to Reuters, less people are interest in once-popular topics like news, sports, and entertainment. Twitter is also losing a lot of avid users interested in fashion and celebrities.

The two topics that are now trending on Twitter among English-speaking users are cryptocurrencies and inappropriate content.

Are active tweeters leaving because consumers’ interests are changing? Or are interests changing as a result of the heavy tweeters departing?

Although Reuters spoke with a Twitter consultant who stress that overall monthly users are growing, that is not made obvious in the article.

What Happens To The Heavy Tweeters?

A Twitter researcher claims in internal documents obtained by Reuters that TikTok and Instagram are to blame for the fall in activity surrounding topics like fashion and celebrities.

E-sports and streaming celebrities had previously attracted the attention of frequent Twitter users. They are probably now spending more time on video-friendly websites like Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok.

How about the news? The standard platform for keeping up with breaking news used to be Twitter.

You might be surprise to learn that news-related activity is also moving to TikTok.

This week, a research by the Pew Research Center revealed that an increasing proportion of US adults frequently use TikTok for news.

‘Not safe for work’ content

The study discovered a rise in the quantity of heavy users interested in NSFW and bitcoin content.

According to a separate internal slide presentation obtained by Reuters, Twitter estimates that adult content makes up 13% of its service and is one of the few major social media sites to accept nudity. The method used to calculate the figure was not explained in the presentation.

Generally speaking, advertisers avoid controversies or nudity out of concern for their businesses. According to Reuters, major marketers Dyson, PBS Kids, and Forbes suspended their advertising owing to accounts that were promoting child pornography on Twitter.

Twitter stated that it “has zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation” in reaction to the September report and that it was devoting additional resources to the fight against such content.

The confidential documents revealed that interest in cryptocurrency among Twitter’s most active English-speaking users increased over time, peaking in late 2021. However, after the June crypto price drop, interest in the topic has decreased, and the study concluded that cryptocurrencies might not be a future growth industry.

Speaking to Reuters, current and former Twitter employees expressed their fear that Musk’s calls for less content filtering and his rumored plans to lay off people will worsen the decline in content quality.

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