Google News Redesign Launches On Desktop

Google has announced its new redesign of Google News. The company says that the new design is faster and easier to navigate.

In December 2017, Google launched a redesigned version of Google News. Google Search followed this similar redesign last year.

Google News Redesign now offers a cleaner look and feels. There are fewer ads and more information. Users can also access their favorite topics from the home page.

Latest changes of Google News design

I hate to admit this but I was genuinely shocked at the first Google altered their news page design. They have always been my number 1 source of information, but they are making drastic changes and I don’t know what to think anymore.

The new version looks much cleaner than the old one. They  are no more ads on the top side of the screen, the font size is larger, and the scrolling effect has been removed. I like the layout more because now it’s easier to read everything.

However, they google news redesign doesn’t allow me to search through topics by categories, which was something I used to enjoy doing. If you take a look at the right screenshot, notice how in the middle of the page, it shows a list of trending topics? This was a great way to find out about what’s going on in the world, even better if you could filter those results by category. Now I can only get this info by searching for certain keywords – not exactly convenient.

Overall, I would like to say that they’ve done a pretty good job with the new design, but I’m still in a little disappointed.

How to Make Pages Appear as a design

This tutorial shows how to add design pages to your WordPress website. These are useful for displaying content that has been created elsewhere on your site. As well as looking great, they can save you time and effort. Let’s get started!
This will create a new area at the bottom of the screen (below the footer).
You now need to edit this widget. You’ll get a box like this one below – we’re going to change these settings here.
Here you have some options for what type of page this should display – single post, category archive etc. We are just going to stick to displaying a single post here. Click Save & Close to close this window.

Now your page is ready and displays whatever you’ve put inside of it. That may be a single image, a video, a list of posts, a gallery or anything else.
If you don’t want a ‘Design’ title above the content then you can remove it from the top right hand side of the box. To do this open the editor again and look for ‘title’. It should say something like ‘Page Title’, leave that alone and then scroll down until you see ‘Title’ at the end of the line. Remove that and click Apply Changes.

Then click Add Sidebar Below. If you want to add a footer instead of a sidebar just repeat steps 2 and 3 but choose ‘Footer 1’ instead of ‘Sidebar 1’ and ‘No’ for ‘Show at Footer’.

6 Tips for google news update today

1. Google has decided to kill off Reader from its service.
2. Google wants to move away from Android and Windows Phone devices.
3. Android’s market share now stands at over 80%.
4. Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market.
5. Microsoft has released Office 365 Pro Plus for Mac users.
6. Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows people to add their friends’ birthdays to their own profile.

Customize google news update you should know that:

If Google News is your preferred way to keep up-to-date with the latest news, then you may have heard about a recent change affecting how stories appear in search results. This tweak to their algorithm has caused some confusion among users who were expecting to see more relevant content. Now that we are past this initial bump in the road, let’s take a look at what exactly is changing.

The biggest difference between old and new Google News Redesign is that instead of seeing everything that appears below the first three headlines of a story, only the headline (and possibly a summary) is displayed. If you want to read more about it, you can click through to the article, but if you just want to get straight into reading the story, the changes aren’t necessarily detrimental.

Although you can still access the full article directly from the link, clicking these links now takes you to the original source page where you’ll find any additional details that could be useful. They may even be other stories link to the one you’re currently browsing, making it easier than ever to explore topics within the site.

Categories update

Additionally, the number of stories in each category has been reduced to five, which means that many popular titles will no longer show up in the top result. You’ll still be able to view them if you do a quick scroll down, but they won’t remain visible until you reach the bottom.

There are however 2 exceptions to this rule. If you search for articles relating to a particular keyword, then the list of results will stay full until you reach the end. So if you’re looking for information on something specific, like the best CBD products, then you’ll still be able to find it.

Another exception to this rule is when searching for specific countries or cities around the world. In this case, the full list of results stays open and scrolling through them doesn’t close them off.


Google has announced that they are launching their redesigned news site in April 2016 to coincide with Mobilegeddon 2.0. What does this mean? Well, as we have seen with other sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The entire website gets a revamp to make it mobile friendly. This means more people will go on your site via mobile devices, and possibly even leave your site via desktop computers. I know what you’re thinking… “what about SEO and stuff?” Yes, Google has said that they will continue to crawl the same way they always have. But, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. So if you want to keep your rankings, then make sure to make sure your site is responsive.

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