6 Tips for Family Law Digital Marketing: Need to Know

When people are faced with family law issues like divorce, hiring an attorney can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The prospect had strong feelings about the end of a marriage or a potential custody battle. Marketing your law firm and building trust can be especially challenging when working to acquire new clients. This blog is about family law digital marketing.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing an economic downturn, the law industry did not collapse. Most family law firms have adopted cloud-based services for everything from file storage to client accounts. They can interact virtually. However, technology is changing faster than ever.

Leading law firms are using many new or improved digital marketing strategies. Here we will discuss family law digital marketing, family law advertising, divorce lawyer marketing, how to get legal clients, and SEO for family law.

6 Tips for Family Law Digital Marketing 

Family Law Digital Marketing 

You need a comprehensive online strategy for your family law firm to reach those potential clients. You can use SEO for family law to grow your firm. Below we will tell you some ways to help you grow your family law practice. Here are five ways to market your family law services:

1. Family Law Firm Website Design

It’s important that your website as a family law firm does more than describe your attorneys’ backgrounds. It needs to impress trust. Additionally, deliver some valuable information on setting yourself apart from the competition. This will make new opportunities for family law advertising.

Every law firm wants its website to look good, but the real purpose of your online presence is to generate business. That said, your business website should be designed with conversions in mind. Specifically, it should load fast, be mobile-friendly, and navigate simply.

There should also be a clear link to contact your law firm for a free consultation on each page. Apply this idea. This will help to grow your family law digital marketing.

2. Local SEO for Divorce Lawyer Marketing

Every practice requires a focused and targeted local SEO strategy and family law. For example, most people who hire a family lawyer want someone local to them. Keywords like “divorce lawyer” might be important. Still, they are more relevant when combined with a city, county, state, or some other geographical identifier like “divorce Lawyer Chicago” or “divorce lawyer Los Angeles.” county, state, or some other geographical identifier like “divorce lawyer New York” or “divorce lawyer Houston.

Also, you can maximize your SEO for family law efforts by including some of these local identifiers in your website content. Furthermore, you’ll also want to create and optimize your directory listings, especially your Google My Business (GMB) listing, for you to appear in Google Maps searches.

3. Content Marketing for family law digital marketing

People going through different types of family legal crises desperately need reliable information. Your law firm can establish itself as the authority in your practice and showcase your personality through a strong content marketing campaign. Start with engaging practice area pages that describe your services.

But be sure to go further. Schedule regular blog content focusing on specific topics that will attract potential customers and drive traffic with long-tail keywords. Some examples include handling military divorces, high-net-worth divorces, international adoptions, and gay custody issues.

4. Video Marketing for Family Law Firms

As a family law attorney, you can build strong and lasting relationships with your clients. In this field of practice, more than in any other, your personality and that of your company must show through its marketing efforts. You can do some of this through content marketing, but video marketing is one of the best ways to showcase your company’s culture and personality.

Videos on your website, blog, and social media channels can help potential customers understand who you are, how you approach cases, and how you will treat them as a customer. The powerful video library also provides potential clients with another way to learn about their situation. This can save you time when a client walks into your office with some background knowledge.

5. Social Media for Family Lawyers

Your potential family law client is hungry for information. Social media is one of the channels you can use to advise on your family law digital marketing, but you’ll want to approach it the right way. The client journey can be much longer with family law clients who weigh their options before contacting a law firm for assistance.

Your social media profiles will give potential customers the guidance they need to make smart decisions, and contact you when they’re ready. Even after the issue is resolved, customers can continue to follow you on social media to stay connected and learn about things that might affect them in the future. It also helps keep your business name at the forefront of potential referrals.

6. Use Social Media Tools

Recently, social networking has become a popular marketing medium for various mainstream brands. Companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Wendy dominate this scene with their excellent social media marketing strategies. In the legal field, it is becoming more and more common for law firms and independent lawyers to use social networks.

Social media can build brand awareness, engage potential customers, and engage your target audience. You can achieve this by sharing charts with helpful facts, monitoring the conversations around your business (listen to your brand), creating informative YouTube videos, and sharing articles. Useful blog posts and updates. You can engage your audience by responding to comments and questions.


#1. How to get legal clients?

  • Lawyers get 28% of their new legal clients from directories.
  • 31% of legal clients come from referrals from other lawyers.
  • A lawyer is found by 40% of clients through Google.
  • Clients came from friends in 62% of cases.

#2. What are the lawyer marketing ideas?

  • Firstly, identify the voice and story of your company. 
  • Secondly, optimize your site. 
  • Thirdly, create high-quality trademark videos. 
  • Then, create educational video content for frequently asked questions.


You can use family law digital marketing and lawyer marketing ideas in 2022. Take advantage of the tremendous technological advances by adopting one or more strategies presented in this article.

Strategic in creating great content and performing SEO, engaging with prospects on social media, keeping law firm marketing news and legal marketing articles up to date, and a form of bias towards legal organizations Make sure there is no. These trends allow family law digital marketing to attract and retain customers.

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