What is Cultural Resource Management Quizlet and its Importance?

Cultural resource management is the practice of managing. Mostly, it is managing heritage sites. The managers also save art. It also involves saving old documents or objects. It is also the same as cultural resource management archaeology. Want to know more about what is cultural resource management? There are many details available. The Cultural Resource Management Quizlet will help you to know more.

CRM is a big term. It is often used in the management of sites. However, in the USA, archaeologists use this term for their work. Mostly CRM involves saving historical assets. Sometimes it is also storytelling and drama. Therefore we can see that it is a board term. Find out all the information about CRM here. 

Cultural and environmental resource management will help you to know more. Only in the 1970s did the word cultural resources come. It was made by National Park Ser

What is the History Of Cultural Resource Management?

Cultural Resource Management Quizlet

Later many laws appeared. These took care of special sites. Also, it meant physical and cultural resources. It means sites that we can see and touch. Or also past human activity: site, object, landscape, and a lot more. 

Further CRM was also applied to heritage management. Plus, it deals with finding out sites with potential. Some sites come with a rich piece of history. So they will learn about it and find it. It also means the act of preserving such sites. Plus, it means caring for the issues of tribes. Some of the laws under CRM in the US are:

  • Historic properties 
  • Spiritual places 
  • Cultural landscape
  • Archaeological sites
  • Historical documents and more. 

Further, in many countries both private and national organizations are available. They take care of cultural resources. They manage and preserve it. Most often museums play a major role in it. These are not only for public attraction. Plus, they are present to preserve. Also involves remembering the events and things of old. 

What is the Cultural Resource Management Quizlet? 

In the cultural resource management Quizlet you can know many things. You have to know about cultural resource environment management. Further, the branch of Environment and cultural resources go hand in hand.

They offer advice about environmental laws. Plus they also take care of the law that is followed. For instance, many programs help in preserving Native Tribes and individuals. Therefore CRM management plays an important part.

They take care of the tribes as well as their home. No one can destroy their homes. Or they cannot downplay the culture of the tribes. So in this way manage the cultural resources of the environment. Some of the matters they look into are-

  • Energy and mineral development
  • Natural resources 
  • Water and power 
  • Forestry and wildlife 
  • Land titles and records and more. 

What is the Importance of CRM? 

Keeping cultural resources in balance is important. Otherwise, everything thing in the world will be lost. After knowing about what is cultural resource management? You may feel its importance. Every human has a job to protect cultural resources. It offers lots of benefits like-

  1. It expands the understanding of history. 
  2. Offer scientific data. For instance, Archeological sites provide details of droughts, floods, and more. Scientists can research it and know about it. 
  3. Offers jobs during the renovation process.  
  4. Leads to community improvements. 
  5. It attracts tourists interested to know. It is a profitable business. 
  6. Offers information that provides solutions. For instance, modern irrigation techniques are from old methods. So people learn many things from history. 

So preservation of historical sites is necessary. These are the important parts of the cultural resource management Quizlet.


The cultural resource management quizlet is highly beneficial. You can make use of it to know about CRM. It is a good action to preserve pieces of history.

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