Top buzzfeed entry level jobs to start your career 

BuzzFeed is a popular American digital media company. They mainly give importance to the viral contents. Plus, the media company started with online quizzes and pop culture articles. But now, they have become a global media and technology company. They are offering contents on variety of topics. They write about politics, animals, trends and more. The tailored topics suit the tastes of many readers.They cat videos became popular because of the company. Also they offer many BuzzFeed entry level jobs for the eager candidates. If you also wish to start a BuzzFeed career, you are in the right place. Here you can find all you need to know about social media fellow BuzzFeed.

Is it nice to work in Buzzfeed? 

The employers of Buzzfeed find it satisfying to work for the company. That is why it is a great thing to choose BuzzFeed entry level jobs. Plus, the workplace culture of buzzfeed hiring  and positive. Many people love the support they get from the employers. 

The people working in it are known for their creativity and talent.  So new employees can also enjoy working with them and learn new things. It is overall a great idea to choose a career in BuzzFeed. 

There are many teams in Buzzfeed, but they all work together to make the company grow. Overall it is a thriving environment. Further, the employee salary from the company is also good. The highest paying jobs in the company are engineers and sales managers. Now, so you can use this opportunity to join the company as an employee.

What does Buzzfeed require from its candidates? 

BuzzFeed Inc careers are offering BuzzFeed entry-level jobs. There is lots of BuzzFeed content on the internet. It is a popular company that has reached more than 150 million people. But they do other things as well. Their other operations include advertising and investigative journalism. They also have started a motion picture studio in Los Angeles. Plus, other than New York, they have offices in many places and countries. 

You also have to know that the company is recruiting people quickly now. The senior president of Buzzfeed talent Joel Greengrass shared what it takes to join their team. 

The team has some Pulitzer Prize-winning writers and the top engineers. So they are not a company that sits around making only cat videos. They do lots of work. They also have a laboratory. As they release content every day, they have many things to research in their laboratory. 

The company is looking for eager candidates who are eager to do work. You must be excited to work with others and also be ready to learn new things. Also, you have to know some details about the growth of the BuzzFeed Company and also about their content. You can share details of what quiz interested you during the interview and tell a story that surprised you. Now they have many positions open, so you can try choosing a BuzzFeed career. 

How to apply for buzzFeed entry level jobs? 

If you are a fresher out of college or already have experience in some jobs, you can join the Buzzfeed team. Here are some steps you can follow to apply for BuzzFeed entry level jobs. 

  • First, you can choose a position you want to work for on Buzzfeed. For instance, BuzzFeed online jobs are available now. You can try securing the position in the company by applying for it particularly. Various writing positions are available for authors, poets, and bloggers. Plus, the position for writing news is also available for journalists. You can apply for the junior staff writer position if you are fresh out of college. Plus, you must have five years of experience in journalism to apply for the editor role. 
  • Apply for video positions if you like BuzzFeed entry level jobs in shooting, editing or producing a video. Videos are a big part of BuzzFeed content. So if you have qualifications, apply for it. If you want to apply for the video editor role, you should have a bachelor’s degree in Film and Communication. Also, have good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. 
  • You can apply for design or engineering roles if you like coding or programming. They are offering BuzzFeed entry level jobs for the interested candidates. Most importantly, the positions in demand are IT specialists and software engineers. For instance, you can apply for a product design position. You should have some experience designing products and features for apps and websites. If you are looking for an IT position, you must know to troubleshoot Mac OS X and software issues. Plus, you have to solve Google Apps Enterprise issues and windows issues. 
  • If you like to write content, BuzzFeed content writer jobs are available. You can also work remotely and write content for the company. In other positions also, freelancing opportunities are available. For instance, you can frequently check out the BuzzFeed website for any new opportunities. Or there are also freelance video editor opportunities offered for candidates looking for this type of BuzzFeed entry level job. Some outstanding jobs are also available, like Food Specialist for culinary pieces. If you have experience in foodservice and professional culinary training, you can apply for this job. 
  • Apply for a paid internship if you are in college. BuzzFeed offers many internship programs for students. You can use it as a trial period to work in the company because you may get a permanent position. Some of the recent summer internships offered by BuzzFeed are Engineering and Product Management. Plus, other positions offered are Data Science and Product Design. 
  • Go to the desired job position on BuzzFeed’s website to apply for the job. Apply for the BuzzFeed entry level jobs you are most qualified for. After that, wait for the company to contact you. 


If you are looking for Buzzfeed entry level jobs, apply for them soon. The company is quickly hiring candidates. So do not lose this golden opportunity.

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