Without Backlinks, Can I Still Receive Traffic?

You can definitely start driving traffic to your website without building backlinks. Having good quality content that your potential users want to read is much more important, and sharing that content with your social media audience will immediately bring traffic to your website without the hassle. need to build backlinks.

If you can get a piece of content going viral on social media, it will again draw more eyes to your business and generate traffic. For established brands with huge followings, they will build connections organically without doing any outreach.

With enough social media followers and making sure you always provide them with content they want to engage with, you can drive 100% of your traffic to your website completely organically.

Think About How Mobile Friendly Your Website Is

According to current SEO rules, your website should also be mobile-friendly. In recent years, the trend of accessing the Internet through mobile phones has increased a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to create a website in a way that can be opened on the small screen of a handheld device.

Many websites today have other mobile-friendly versions; however, everything remains the same. Apart from this requirement, mobile friendliness is also a useful tool to do SEO without backlinks. First, Google favors mobile-friendly sites if they also meet quality criteria.

Another thing is that a large number of visitors open websites on their mobile phones, so if your website is mobile friendly, it will get more traffic. Users who like your website will visit your website over and over again on their phones whenever they want. Also, as Google prioritizes these sites, your site will get more and more traffic from searches, which makes your site ranking consistent.

Regarding the Content

A well optimized website that is full of quality content covering a number of related queries and topics providing a great user experience is a website that will stand the test of time. Providing a good experience for your users and providing quality content is what will help your website in the long run.

Websites Need to Load Quickly.

Your page load speed also affects your site’s ranking. Google announced in 2010 that speed will also affect your site’s rankings. Furthermore, if your web pages take a long time to load, they will unnecessarily waste users’ time, which makes them uncomfortable. So some users want to close your site. The ideal load time for a website is still 3 seconds.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are arguably a better way to connect with customers. These are specific keyword phrases that customers are likely to use. These keywords are useful tools to get your website to the top ranking in search engines. However, these keywords are sometimes used on some external websites with backlinks, but these specific phrases also work without backlinks. So we can also consider them as ranking factors without link building.

Target Low Competition Keywords

Targeting less competitive keywords is an important strategy for ranking without backlinks as it is easier to rank well in the SERPs without using one or more backlinks.

You can use Semrush to do a full analysis of all the keywords you intend to target through your content and find all relevant keywords with low competition.

You can also use keyword research tools like KWFinder or Keyword Chef to find valuable words with very low keyword difficulty. This will ensure that sites with lower domain authority rank high on search engine results pages.

Create keyword lists based on their search volume to help you find the keywords with the highest monthly searches. Keywords with the lowest difficulty score but high search volume are the easiest to rank for the fastest.

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