7 Types Of Audio Content Marketing

This allows you to reach both your current and future customers with words, music, and audio on the device of their choice and on their schedule. From a marketing perspective, voice content is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give voice to your brand or business. Even better, your organization may already own and use some form of audio content marketing.

The biggest differences between voiced and unvoiced content:

After publishing it on your own media, convert it and publish it everywhere at once. So potential listeners can find your voice content on the platform and device of their choice without downloading another app.

7 Types Of Audio Content Marketing

1. Podcast

Increasingly popular over the past few years, podcasts have become one of the most listened-to audio content types. With approximately 2 million podcasts and 48 million podcast episodes available, podcast audio content is a growing market.

According to Nelson Podcasting Insights, the term “podcasting” is familiar to 75% of the US population, the same report concludes that heavy listeners (those who listen to the entire episode and also follow it) listen to podcasts while overwatching. shipping process. , others, and at home. While light listeners (those who don’t usually follow or listen to the entire podcast) listen to podcasts at home, followed by public transport, others, and work.

With two-thirds of listeners reacting to a podcast ad with no code, and 80% of listeners listening to the entire episode, marketers have this vast market to spread the good word about their product, because it’s all heard here!

You can reach these audiences through platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Listen2it. And follow in the footsteps of McDonald’s, eBay, and Microsoft and create a branded podcast.

2. Voice Search

We all know the famous saying “Content is king” and we all praise that king with our SEO efforts. With smart speakers and virtual assistants dominating the market, as an Edison research report shows by 2022, 62% of Americans use a voice-enabled device and 57% of users give voice commands. Use voice commands on a daily basis, which makes voice SEO an important method for marketers.

This form of audio content can be optimized by modifying the ad to be viewable via voice. Voice search optimization works similarly to traditional SEO practices by researching keywords that match your brand proposition, then targeting the intent of those keywords and serving your customer. But one thing to consider while prospecting for voice SEO is that people speak differently from what they type. Therefore, voice SEO optimization can be done by addressing long-tail keywords.

3. Audiobooks

Now that you’ve got the gist of the podcast, it’s time to introduce its parent – the audiobook. It’s like a fun version of the paperback that you never had to read but can now listen to. Hips Hooray!

I have nothing against paperback books or anything, but it’s starting to lose ground in the marketplace because of the fact that reading it properly takes a lot of time, focus, and a dark side. These days, we don’t have much time with all the extra distractions in the world to read a book line by line. Today’s consumers want instant information and entertainment!

Digital Audiobooks

Digital audiobooks are a growing segment in the publishing industry. Not only is this a growing discovery, but the entire publishing industry is now making money as there are more options available to customers. Over the past year, audiobook sales have grown 16% in the United States alone and achieved sales of more than $1.2 billion, up from $940 million in 2018. 25% shows scope for growth and a greater degree of conformity. And what’s surprising is that audiobooks beat sales of popular e-books, which generated only $983 million in audiobook sales.

According to the research, downloaded audio is the fastest growing format, with a steady growth of 28.8% year on year and 146.2 % over 5 years. In addition, for 3 consecutive years, more than 50% of audiobook listeners said saving time is “new” or should we say “finding time” to listen to audiobooks by consuming more books and market Shorter Audiobooks found that 43% of audiobook buyers said they would buy an audiobook one to three hours long.

Your business can benefit from the audiobook boom, and you already know that creating eBooks is a form of content marketing that fits the market. So why not take advantage of this opportunity by repurposing content from existing eBooks into audiobooks? Or create a video and also save it as an audiobook to expand your reach. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? One that makes money, certainly when expanding your content marketing strategy.

4. Audio Blogs/ Audio Articles

As simple as it sounds, audio blogs are blogs with audio versions. An audio content type allows publishers and marketers to reach their target audience in a variety of ways, whether it’s the type of content or the language in which the brand wants to communicate its message. me. Audio blogs are all the rage in the content market. Now any blog can be convert to MP3, AAC, WAM or any other format in any language and voice by simple integration with text-to-speech tools speak.

An audio blog is a great outlet for multitaskers who want to live up to your brand story. Therefore, having an optional audio blog in your articles is an indispensable tool in your marketing strategy. Along with all the other tools that help you optimize your content, having an AI voice generator is essential, Listen2it is a great one-stop solution for your audio needs, from converting text-to-speech to articles on any platform. CMS form for speech synthesis. Realistically narrated and available in several languages ​​and voices, it’s an indispensable tool.

5. Audio Advertisements

Audio advertising in the Internet age is not much different in appearance from the types of advertising you may hear on the radio. The difference is that radio advertising is roughly equivalent to a “pistol” approach – you can hit something – while audio content advertising can be seen as a sniper focused on a specific goal.

Audio ads can be restricted to serve specific demographic groups, geographies, or audiences prefiltered into groups most likely to be interested in what the advertiser has to say. This format allows advertising production companies to reach the ears of interested listeners, not just those who may be listening.

6. Internet Radio

With all due respect, internet radio is still around, and although many internet radio users have switched to using popular names like Spotify, Pandora and other streaming sites, many still are glued to internet radio stations like NTS radio, World FM, etc. its wireless convenience and the fact that you can listen at your convenience, not just in your car, in your home, or anywhere a traditional radio station is available.

Internet radio, also known as web radio, streaming radio, and other closely related names, is a digital audio service transmitted over the Internet. Internet radio is used to easily convey broadcast content in the form of a conversation and delivered over a wireless communication network.

It provides radio services such as news, sports talk, a wide range of music genres, and all formats available on traditional radio stations. The only difference is that you can listen to it as long as you have headphones plugged in.

7. Jingles

Short commercials with lyrics and music related to your brand are jingle tunes. Whether you’re a ’90s kid or a Genz, the jingle has always been a part of our lives. From para pa pa pa I love it to doo, doo, doo, doo baby sharks, we all love jingle and it’s a great way to remember a brand. This type of audio content is featured on radio, TV commercials, digital platforms, and even podcasts.

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