How to Wear 60s Jewelry Trends

So today I am going to tell about 60s jewelry trends and you should also study carefully.

How to Wear 60s Jewelry Trends

1. Tear Drop Earrings

Tear drop earrings were popular in the 60s jewelry trends by celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. These simple earrings feature two small teardrops dangling from the top of the earlobe. The tear drops were design to mimic the shape of tears, thus giving the appearance of sadness or melancholy.

2. Lariat Necklace

This necklace features a lariat-style design and consists of a large circle at the center of each side of the neckline. A string of pearls or beads hangs down from the middle of the circle.

3. Spiral Bracelet

Spiral bracelets have been around since ancient times, but they became fashionable again in the 1960s. As the name suggests, spiral bracelets consist of circles connected together in a spiral fashion. The first spiral bracelet was created by Native Americans.

4. Choker Necklace

Chokers are necklaces that are worn cinched tightly around the neck. In the 1960s, chokers became popular among women who wore them as a symbol of rebellion.

5. Pendant Necklace

Pendants are small pieces of jewelry worn on a chain or cord. The pendant is attached to a larger piece of jewelry, called a necklace. Popular types of pendants in the 60s jewelry trends included hearts and flowers.

6. Beaded Necklace

Beaded necklaces are similar to simple necklaces, except they are covered with small round beads instead of being plain. The beads represent tiny droplets of water and are meant to look like raindrops falling down upon the wearer’s face.

7. Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are often thought of as luxury items, but they actually originated in ancient China. Chinese people began wearing pearl necklaces to prevent themselves from getting sick.

60s Jewelry Vintage

1. Vintage Rings & Pendants

A ring is any piece of 60s jewelry trends worn around the finger of the hand. A pendant is a necklace, brooch, earring, or similar ornament attached to clothing or body parts.

In general, rings are meant to symbolize love and commitment, while pendants represent spirituality and power. If you’re looking for a pair of rings to show off your style, then check out these great vintage designs.

2. Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are timeless pieces of 60s jewelry trends that never go out of style. These rings can make a statement about how much someone values their partner, so they’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.

While diamond rings are often seen as symbols of romance and love, some people even wear them to signify business success.

3. Gold Ring

Gold rings have been prized for centuries for their beauty and elegance. They’re also a classic choice if you want something unique. You can choose between different metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. to find a design that fits your style perfectly.

4. Celtic Ring

Celtic rings are a popular choice among men and women who are interested in Irish culture and heritage. The intricate patterns and bright colors of these rings are sure to catch eyes wherever you go.

There are many types of Celtic rings, including Celtic knotwork, Celtic knots, Celtic crosses, Celtic stars, and Celtic spirals.

5. Silver Ring

Silver is a beautiful metal that brings a lot of versatility to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer bolder silver tones or softer pastels, these rings can fit any occasion. Choose from a variety of sterling silver rings, such as hoop rings, band rings, cuff links, and wedding bands.

1960s Necklace

1. In the 60s jewelry trends, women wore necklaces to show off their fashion sense.
2. Women started wearing these necklaces to show that they were cool and fashionable.
3. Women began wearing them because they wanted to look cute, sexy, and attractive.
4. Necklaces were originally worn only by women.
5. Today, necklaces have become popular among both men and women.
6. Most people wear necklaces to promote themselves or attract attention.
7. Necklaces can make you feel powerful and confident.
8. Necklaces help you express yourself.
9. You can wear a necklace even if you don’t want to wear jewelry.
10. People who wear a lot of jewelry are consider to be stylish.
11. If you wear a lot of necklaces, then you probably think you’re stylish.

1940 Jewelry Designers

Nena von Schlebrügge

Nena von Schlebruegge was born in Germany in 1885 and was known for her jewelry designs in the 1940’s. She was the first woman to receive gold medals at two international expositions in Paris and Brussels.

Her jewelry designs were inspire by nature and she often used flowers and natural elements in her pieces. She died in 1945.

Margarete Gebert

Margarete Gebert was born in Germany in 1890 and was best known for her designs in the 1920’s. Similarly, she was a pioneer in jewelry design and was known for her use of precious metals and gemstones in her designs.

She won a number of awards including the Grand Prix de la Mode Internationale and the Gold Medal at the 1925 Exposition des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. Then, she died in 1968.

Alice Keppel

Alice Keppel was born in England in 1877 and became famous for her jewelry designs in 1920’s. Also, she was studied primarily for her designs using sterling silver and enamel.

She won several awards including the Grand Prix du Salon des Artistes Français in 1926 and 1927. She died in 1967.

Clara Driscoll

Clara Driscoll was born in Ireland in 1872 and became known for her designs in 1910. So then, she was a pioneer of fashion and jewelry design and was familiar as the creator of the American Art Deco style.

She was the first person to have a signature line of clothing and jewelry. She died in 1953.

1980s Fashion Earrings

Earrings are a great way to express yourself while adding some fun to your outfit. If you’re looking for something different, these 1980s fashion earrings might just do the trick.

These classic earrings feature two large circular discs attached to a single chain. Likewise, the metal is silver-tone, making them a versatile choice for any style. Accordingly, these earrings were inspire by the popular 80s fashion trend of “big hair”.

What Jewelry was Popular in the 1960s?

This accessory became extremely popular in the 1960’s. As the name implies, these necklaces hung down from the neck. Also, some styles had small pendants hanging off the ends while others had larger pendants dangling from the center.


So once again I hope you have liked this article too after studying about 60s Jewelry Trends.

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